Thursday, 20 September 2012

Tranformation Before and After Picture

I can't edit pictures to save my life. However i asked a Photographer friend of mine (Toby Harrison- great Photographer check out this page - to connect the pictures together for me and write Before/After

Here is a simple Before and After picture. I am actually tensing in both pictures, but you can see the growth in definition. My Chest has more shape and my arms are bigger.

My hair is back to black too. This pic is a little old. So my shoulders are better defined now. But still room for improvement


Landrover Advert/Commercial

Over the summer i booked a number of jobs, but one of the funnest and high profile was a Landrover Advert.

The advert scenario is a group of mates playing rugby; each clip shows them training or relaxing. The idents(sponsored adverts for The Rugby Club Show on Sky Sports) have no aired. However, they decided to also take pictures which will be going in programmes here are the pictures featuring me.

I am pretty pleased with the shots (My favourite is the running shot)