Tuesday, 15 May 2012

136 of 365 days- Clean and Jerk 90kg Pb and goals for the summer

Today, i had a little achievement on the "clean and jerk", i was able to do 90kg for 3 reps.

My goal for the summer is 100kg, which i will be happy with depending on what i weigh in the summer.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Body journey day 126 (04/05/12)


5.30 promax diet bar
8.00 thermbol
8.30 cyclone shake
10.00 blueberries
12.30 thermbol
1.00 salmon with rice and vegetables
4.00 cyclone
7.00 spaghetti bolognese

22.30 chicken and stuffing sandwich

126 of 365 days- Lean day 3

In the video i forgot to mention i upp'd the cardio

We now do 1.5km x2 with 2 minute rest, first on resistance 5 and then resistance 3


I mainly trained my friend but what i did do was..

3x10 tricep pull downs
4x10 single arm cable crossover
10 pull ups
Decline sit ups 20,30,20,30
50 leg raises
dead lift 1x8 80kg

standing dumbell press 24kg 2x10

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Body journey day 125 (03/05/12)

Day 125
7.30  protein shake
8.45. Thermbol
9.30 Cyclone
11.30 Thermbol
12.00 Chicken breast, jerk chicken dumpling
1.30 lucozade
3.30 thermbol
4.00 bag of nuts
4.30 salmonx2fillets and vegetables
6.00 Promax diet bar

Remembering the first time i stacked a machine in the gym

This was my trip down memory lane

125 of 365 days- Lean day 2

4x10= 130kg Squats

Deadlift- 60kg,100kg,150kg- 4,8,6,140kgx8 100kgx8 with shrugs

random tricep moves
and abs moves

Sorry for the lack of details, it was really random.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Body journey day 124 (02/05/12)

Day 124

Diary Diet
7.50 1 thermbol tablet
8.15- Cyclone 1.5 scoop with water
1030- Cyclone 1.5scoop with full fat Milk
1230- thermbol
1.30- two salmon fillets plus vegetables
3.30- thermbol
4.15- Cyclone 1.5 with water
19.36- thermbol
8.00- Cyclone 2scoops, 2calcium tablet, 2multi-vitamin,
9.30 protein shake with milk

124 of 365 days- Lean day 1


4x10 squats 120kg
leg extension 4x10 95kg

3x15 pull ups
Lap pull down 85kg to failure

20 dips
3x10 axle press 50kg

side lateral raises 40kg 4x10

evening workout

incline bench 3x10 100kg

40s cable pull down/dips 2x

dumbell raises 12kg 4x10

Cable crossover 4x10

leg raises with dumbell 20kg 4x10

sit ups with plate 3x10