Thursday, 22 March 2012

Body journey day 82 (22/03/12)

Day 82

Gym stories 81# first time in the gym

Gym advice 81# Making sure your skipping role is the right length

80 of 365 days- Triceps, abs and chest

Pull ups 3x15
Incline bench press 3x10 100kg

Cable pull down 5x20 27.5
Cable pull down 3x8 slow reps 27.5

Dips 5x20

5x20 machine crunches

steps ups with 25kg bar


let raises

Dragan challenge 1.53

Body journey day 81 (21/03/12)

Day 81

Eating a lot of carbs to get energy for the dragan challange... So i am not sure how this will affect my definition

Gym stories 80# New trainers and athletics days

Gym Advice 80# The most important gym clothes to spend your money on

81 of 365 days- Rest Day

Monday, 19 March 2012

Body journey day 79 (19/03/12)

day 79
pancakes, chicken and shakes

Gym stories 78# todays training 

Gym advice 78# Watch videos by scooby

go to

79 of 365 days- back and Chest

Curl and Press 20kg
50 reps
Bench and squats super set

100 reps of bench with 20 weightless squats for rest

80kg-80reps, 30squats, 60kg 20reps

Jog 3x10 pull ups, jog

Machine row 100reps 65kg

countless pull ups

Body journey day 78 (18/03/12)

Day 78

gym stories 77# back in the day when i got chubby

I am going to upload the picture of my changing body tomorrow.

Gym Advice 77# The Secret to having six pack abs

The secret is watching this video... Just kidding lol.

The secret is going to the gym and going the following days, weeks and years...

Now watch the video

78 of 365 days- Rest Day

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Body journey day 77 (17/03/12)

day 77

Body journey day 76 (16/03/12)

Day 76

Gym stories 76# Zach Krych's amazing story


Gym advice 76# Cheap ways to get energy for your gym workout

Buy a bag of apples at the beginning of the week or a bag of jelly babies.

77 of 365 days- Rest Day

Rest day 77

76 of 365 days- Abs, Chest and more Abs

Push press pyramid on smith machine 110,120, 125,120,110 5reps of each

Abs workout which i can't remember lol sorry

Home Beach body- six pack abs and chest workout!

Great workout you can do before work or after work, at home or in the gym.

20 spider press ups
10 abs rollers
10 crunches
10 leg raises
skip for a minute

repeat 3 times

Gym Stories 75# Failing to complete sets

Gym Advice 75# How much cardio should you do to get a Six Pack?

I basically do atleast an hour each week of intensive cardio. However, that is not one straight our, it is broken down into 3-10minutes, spread over the week

Zach Krych Injury & Comeback

This video is an amazing story of being seriously injured and coming back stronger than ever.

However, it serves as an example that if a professional weight lifter can injury himself then a normal gym-goer definitely can!

Make sure you have a spot on heavy lifts.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Hardcore Triceps and Lower Abs workout- How to get a six pack

This is a great workout to test your endurance and work your triceps, forearms and abs.

As you can see it works your abs well but i think it mainly focuses on your lower abs. Helping you get that V shape. Plus helping you cut up your triceps


100 dips
as many leg raises as you can do before your abs or grip go


Insane fat burning shoulder workout- Power of 100

Power of 100 workout

Good cardio and endurance exercise if you hate running or biking. Plus it's great for carving up your shoulders

100 reps on up right row
1minute skipping as a break

Three minutes super abs work out

This workout can be performed at home.

I recommended doing it every other day, if you want to get a summer body.

The workout

3x Abs roller 15
3x Straight leg sit ups 10

No rest!

If the reps are too hard. go down by 5 and make your way up

insane fat burning chest workout- power of 100

Good workout if you want a defined chest.


100 reps of seated press
skipping for a minute as a rest

Insane shoulders and abs Workout- Power of 100

This really saps your energy. Plus its a great workout for your abs as well. The combination of a compound press with an abs move.


Shoulder press 100 reps
with abs roller 10 reps as rest

You do as many as you can do until your tired then get on the abs roller as a break for your shoulders.

Its not fun lol.


Half of your 1rpm or less.


Go as low as possible but the first time you do it your form will be bad. The more you do it the better it will get.

insane back and legs workout- power of 100


This is a really good way to burn fat and test your endurance. Plus it will help you improve your pull ups. Form... as low as possible to complete the sets, but just push through to get it finished. You can work on form on normal sets of 3x8. This program is about getting the reps done.


4x lap pull down 25reps
4x leg press 25 reps


Lap Pull downs- 50%-70% of your 1rpm
Leg press - double your body weight or less

I was doing

70kg and 160kg

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Body journey day 75 (15/03/12)

Protein shakes

Gym stories 74# summer is around the corner

A summer body is made in the winter.

Today was a warning that summer is around the corner, so if your thinking of walking around topless you might want to put the work in.

Gym stories 74# summer is around the corner

A summer body is made in the winter.

Today was a warning that summer is around the corner, so if your thinking of walking around topless you might want to put the work in.

Gym advice 74# Does form matter

Not always. Just get the job done. And push hard but be safe

75 of 365 days- Tricep, shoulders and bicep- Power of 100

Dips 100 reps plus leg raises with 5kg weight
cable curls with pull downs 1x20/20
Dragan challenge 16kg

circuit x3
abs roller 15
plate crunch 15
straight leg raises 15

Pull ups 3x20

Dips with 30kg belt 3x5
leg raises with 30kg belt 3x15

2x15minute runs with pull ups half way

Gym stories 73# burpees are hardcore

Burpees are the work of the devil!!! Pain!

Gym Advice 73# how to use a abs roller properly

Simply stated, don't use your hips and legs to do the work!

74 of 365 days- rest

rest day

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Body journey day 73 (13/03/12)

New diet

Chicken, vegetables.

Sandwich roast chicken and stuffing

protein shakes

Gym stories 72# Walking on the treadmill. Waste of time!

Why do it? You walk around everyday. Yet, you do not think you are working out. Use your time in the gym wisely.

Gym Advice 72# How to improve your dips?

Well you can improve your dips at home

I suggest


Press ups with a fist, plus your arms need to be touching your sides on each extension.

Do this to failure on the first morning or evening. Take that number and do it for the rest of the week. The following week increase that number by 1,2,3,5 depending on how strong you are now feeling.

Do this morning and the evening

At the GYM

IF you can do atleast 3 dips

You can do 5xfailure

If you can't get a friend to hold your feet to make it easier

Once you can do tens of dips, it is time to introduce a dips belt into your regime. Put on 5kg and complete your normal set

73 of 365 days- shoulders and bicep- Power of 100

Today my back was slightly killing from yesterday. But i am not dead so i pushed on.


Barbell shoulder press with 10reps abs roller
100reps of 40kg- 30, 20, 10,10,10,10,5,5

Upright row with skipping for a minute
100reps of 40kg- 30,20,15,15,10,10

Ab roller with straight leg sit ups

Leg curl with leg extension (machine)
60kg, 80kg

Barbell curl 100 reps 30kg- 30,20,20,20,10, 30 seconds rest
no rest
Press ups 50reps

dumbbell curl 2x50 with 20 kg
dumbell speed shoulder press 2x50 14kg
10 chin ups

gym stories 72# messing up recordings

Sometimes i am too tired to complete what i suggest.

gym advice 71# How to improve your pull ups

Watch the video.

These is the set i suggest.

The weight is dependant on how much you weigh and how strong you are already

Lap pull down100%-75% of your weight

 50%-75% of your weight

25%-50% of your weight


Pull up bar

3x failure

3x10 with assistance to finish off

72 of 365 days- chest and back- Power of 100

Session pt1

Skipping- 3minutes

Super set pull downs with pull ups 100kg - 3x10 with pull ups to failure

Dumbell press 65 degrees 3x10 40kg
dumbell press 40 degrees 1x10 40kg

skipping 3 minutes

Incline bench 3x5 100kg
Decline bench 110 kg1x10
decline bench 120kg 1x6


Side pull down machine 1x10,100kg

Session p21 power of 100 no to rest to 30seconds maximum rest

Bench press 100 reps 70kg= 30,10,10 (skip for a minute) 6, (skip for 30 seconds), 10, (skip) 8, (10 pull ups) 6, (10 pull ups), 12, (pull ups) 6,2

Super set of Lap pull downs and leg press

4x25/25 70kg and 160kg no rest

Seated bench press 100reps with skipping, - 50, skip, 15, skip.15skip 10,skip, 10

3x5 pull ups

Monday, 12 March 2012

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Body journey day 71 (11/03/12)

Rice and Peas with curry goat.

Last bueno

Gym stories 70# Even with deals supplements cost a bomb

Supplements still cost a bomb!

Gym advice 70# how to get wide and upper chest?

Some people fear working their chest hard as they do not want to develop 'man boobs'. However, this should not be one of your fears if you are doing adequate cardio, eating properly and importantly, doing both back and chest exercises.

The 'the man boob' look comes in two ways.

First of which is the purely fat chest. This is based on being over weight and not doing any kind of physically training or chest work. Ie the chest is full of fat tissues instead of muscles. Signs of this is a soft and flabby chest. The only way to combat this is through exercise and improved diet. Exercise will help you start to put some much needed muscle on your chest to sculpt it into shape. The change in diet will help you begin to lose the soft fat on your chest.

Second reason for man boobs is some one who is training chest but only doing exercises that a promoting growth in the bottom areas of the chest(pecks).  Plus only doing heavy lifts instead of trying for reps with good form. Switching up the training is essential to help engage different muscle fibres and burn excess fat on the chest. Plus doing back exercises is essential to stop you curling over and having poor posture.

Chest workout i suggest for beginners

Flat bench 4x10
Pull ups 3x5-8

Superset Incline bench
65degrees and then 45degrees

Lap pull down 4x10
Cable cross overs 3x10

Dips 2x failure
Pull ups 2xfailure

71 of 365 days- Rest Day plus supplements


I just bought some supplements because AMAZON are on a go slow.

Amino tablets
Promax extreme x 2

So i will let you know how i get on with them

The secret Homo-erotic world of the gym

This video should be on The Discovery Channel with the title The Life of Silva Back Gorillas. These guys are animals lol. If ever there was a show of male bravado this is it.

The black guy is HUGE!!!!!!!! The white is guy is pretty big but the black guy is just the whole pack of beastness!

This video is pretty homo erotic, two guys flexing their muscle at each other.....

see for yourself

Shoot with Matt Christie pt 2

Hey guys,

As promised here are the rest of the shots from my Male Model photoshoot with Photographer Matt Christie. He has shot for lots of magazines and papers; plus, he is a generally nice guy.

Let me know what you think of the shots. Drop a comment below.

If your interested in contacting Matt, he is his blog

Body journey day 70 (10/03/12)

Day 70

Chinese and tuna with rice. Not good

Gym stories 69# running out of protein

So annoying not having protein anymore.

Gym advice 69# How to save money on supplements

Check out the sales at Holland and Barrett. Try not to not buy in non-sale times. As your wasting money.

70 of 365 days- Rest Day

Exactly what is says on the tin!

Rest day.

I ate some chinese and tuna, sweetcorn and rice.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Body journey day 69 (09/03/12)

Day 69

I have run out of protein powder... NOOO!!
Digestives and milk.

Proper diet regime starts tomorrow. no more buenos, ginger bears or sweats.

69 of 365 days- Spin and Abs

Day 69

Spin and abs workout

Push press 90kg 3reps
Push press 100kg 2 fails
Squats 100kg 5 reps
Abs workout was

Knee raises 10,10, 20,10

Circuit x3
Knee raises 15
bench leg raises 15
Abs roller 15

Gym advice 68# Tips to lose weight if your not at a gym

Simple changes to your life can help you start to lose weight and feel healthier.

1. Drink more water
2. Change to drinking Green Tea
3. Instead of sweets eat blueberries
4. Walk up stairs and escalators
5. Buy a bike and ride to work.
6. Walk your dog after dinner
7 Do press ups/sit ups half an hour before dinner and breakfast
8 Watch my videos... lol

Gym stories 68# Spin pt2

I hate spin lol

Five minute Lower Abs and core workout for Beginners

This is a abs workout that you can do in the gym in less than 5 minutes

15 knee raises
15 leg raises on a bench
15 ab roller crunches

Do this set 3 times with 1-2minutes rest.

If 15 is to much you can drop it down to 10 and build up to 15.

If it is too easy do more or try doing this with the Antoine Crunch(ie with weights)

Friday, 9 March 2012

Some shots from my workout out in Northampton, at Progressing Training System gym.

Here are some shots from my working out/ messing around. When i went back to my home town of northampton. I won a strength competition. Good times

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Body journey day 68 (08/03/12)

Day 68

Protein shakes


Gym stories 67# The best Skipping rope to buy!

This rope is pure genius!

Felt like i put on some brand new running trainers. That feeling for being able to take on the world and run forever. Well in this case skip forever or atleast a couple more minutes.

Gym advice 67# The only piece of Abs equipment you need to have!

This one piece of kit is all you need!

It is such a great workout. It not only engages your core but you have to use your back and triceps to keep the motion going and stay stable.

It really helps to build a strong core and get ripped abs.

For far to long this piece of equipment had sat collecting dust in my house. However, today i felt inclined to use it. This turned out to be a great decision. I had forgot about the intense core workout you can have with this simple wheel.

My routine

15x4 with 30 seconds rest

hold for as long as possible on last rep

68 of 365 days- abs, skipping and triceps- Power of 100

Today i tested out my new rope. It was incredible. So much faster and smoother than any other rope i have used previously


skipping 1minute and rest x 8

Abs roller 5 feet to floor
Abs roller 10 knees to floor

Dips 100reps, =50,20,10,10,5,5
Abs rollowe 2x15

Burpees 53 in five minutes which was weak
press ups 5x20 with 30 seconds rest

home time

Body journey day 67 (07/03/12)

Day 67

proten shakes
green tea
chicken meal

Gym stories 66# The inspirational James St Ledger and Grenade Team

The guy is a machine.

Great shape and great endurance. A real inspiration to gymers and models a like. Don't believe the hype of most cover models. They are usually all about mirror muscles with no actual endurance or strength. James seems to have the whole package.

youtube him and see for yourself

Gym advice 66# Check out as many advice videos

Watch my videos, but make sure you check out other peoples too. Best way too improve is to get lots of perspectives

67 of 365 days- rest day- Power of 100

Today i did absolutely nothing. But debate over the KONY video and eat food.

Good times

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Hot Guy app telling you to check your breasts!

This is such a great take on what is a very important issue. A number of my friends mothers have had cancer scares or worse passed away from it. So the need to raise awareness and keep fighting cancer in new and innovative ways is a necessity.

I have always thought it was high time the medical professional and non-profit charity world started using viral media to it's full capacity. People love to click on a funny video with hot people half naked in it. Just think about the Old spice advert- " look at your man, now look at me, i am not your man!"

If this App/video makes more women check their breasts for cancer, then it can be nothing but a great idea. Using a bit of eye candy to raise awareness on important issues is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Think about most potential illnesses, you know of them and you still do not follow your doctor's advice. For instance, you are supposed to drink a pint of milk a day; have 5 pieces of fruit and drink lots of water. But do you? I try but most of the time, but i don't. However, campaigns like "got milk?" featuring celebrities and models have atleast brought this key health advice from something my boring doctor prescribed to me, too something a cool celeb suggested i do.

So maybe if they sold bottles of water with a hot woman/man suck at the bottom of it, more people would be drinking H2O.

So watch this and go check your breasts!!!!!

Body journey day 66 (06/03/12)

Jamaican food
protein shakes


Gym stories 65# Second endurance day

Just watch!

Gym advice 65# Another reason why you should have a training partner

Just watch. OR go get yourself a training partner

65 of 365 days- Shoulders and Biceps- Power of 100

Today I had to go to work, so i arrive home late and ended up buying some Jamaican Take away. Curry goat and rice and peas. CARBS!!! lol It was yummy. I top it off with some ice cream. Good times.

Back on the regime for the rest of the month.


Barbel press 100 reps 40kg-
Barbel curl 100 reps 30kg -
upright row 100reps 40kg 20, 20, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10

Leg extension 70kg 100reps, 40, 20, 10, 10, 10,10,

dumbell standing shoulder press 22kg 50reps, 20kg 30,20reps

Dumbell curl 20kg 100reps, 30, 30, 15, 20, 5

Single arm curl and press 14kg 30,20reps (right)
Single arm curl and press 14kg 25,25reps (left)

Chin ups 20,20, 10

3k bike 2.23minutes


Cable twist 10/10/10/10 reps 25kg

Side dips dumbbells 40kg 20/20/20/20

30 leg raises

decline crunch random set


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Body journey day 65 (05/03/12)


Protein x 3
Nandos Chicken
2 buenos
Ginger bear

Gym stories 63# Is Men's Health or Fitness Magazine racist?

Is Men's Health Magazine racist?

Quick answer: No. However, it is at least prejudice within the UK.

In short, they rarely if ever put ethnic minorities on the cover, yet they are more than happy to use them inside to demonstrate exercises and on the cover of other countries issues. Therefore, to say they hate ethnic minorities would be wrong. Yet, it must mean they either, think they are not good enough to be on the cover or they think the magazine buying public would not buy a magazine with a minority on the front of it. Why is this?

Well, magazines are businesses and they are in the business of selling copies. Therefore, someone inside both of these magazines must believe having an ethnic minority on the front cover will lead to less copies being sold. This is the same reasoning Hollywood uses for not supporting films that do not have a lead white actor/actress. How then did rush hour and nutty professor do so well! Yet, I am not asking for a completely black issue similar to what Italian Vogue did. I just want to see some diversity. That could be as little as one cover out of 12 or so months; statistically that would at least be fair.

The UK population is roughly 85% white British. This would mean 15% of the population is of an ethnic minority. With 12 months in the year, you might think occasionally Men's health/fitness magazines could afford one cover out of 12 to a minority. However, I do not think it should be a matter of statistics.

We live in a multi-cultural world: where the USA with its historical race relations has elected a black President; Usain Bolt, a remarkable athlete from a small island in the Caribbean is the fastest man in the world; Denzel Washington has won Oscar's and is a house hold name and closer to home JLS have won Brit Awards, Rio Ferdinand has captained England and Jessica Ennis/Phillips Odowu/ Mo Farah will be flying the Union Jack at the London 2012 Olympics. Surely, the UK population cannot be so racist to see a black or Asian cover model and think, "I won't be buying this issue, thank you very much!". Nevertheless, as I said magazines want to sell issues. So would a black cover lose money?

I think this premise is very strange, when you look at an average bodybuilding magazine like Muscle-Fitness or Flex which have had black bodybuilders on the covers numerous times. You could say that body builders are 'athletes' or quasi-celebrities in the fitness world. Therefore, putting them on the cover is the same as Men's health occasionally putting Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson or Andy Peters on the cover. Yet, that would mean Men's health/Fitness thinks the British public is only able to consume seeing famous ethnic minorities on the covers of their magazines. What is wrong with an unnamed fitness model?

Both magazines continue to put White fitness models on the front cover, who are not famous or house hold names. They are there to illustrate a headline, such as ‘Hard Abs fast” or “GET ABS OF STEEL- Six week plan for everyman”. So are minority models not able to illustrate hard abs or are they just not ‘everyman’? Well, every man is different regardless of race. Two white guys could have completely different abs, just the same as two black guys. Therefore, if an unnamed White model can be on the cover, there is no reason why an unnamed ethnic minority cannot either.  Maybe there are no minority models good enough?
Well, seeing, as I know at least one black model who has demonstrated a routine inside Men’s Fitness, there must be some others. Yet, a better example is a minority model who regularly demonstrates routines in Men’s fitness. Not only is he a fitness model in the magazine but he is also the torso chosen to represent Lonsdale’s Boxer range i.e. the guy on the box your briefs came in. Surely, if a company can have the confidence to entrust his ‘look’ to be marketable enough to sell boxers that cost more than the magazine, he can be picked for one issue.

Therefore, with the good will games that are the Olympics approaching, it must be time for these magazines to catch up with the rest of multi-cultural Britain. Diversity will not lead to the end of either of your magazines. It may actually gain you some new readers and bring back some disillusioned ones.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Gym stories 64# First day of endurance

Just watch. Endurance is not fun.

Gym advice 64# Mind over matter

You can train so much harder than you think. Just believe in yourself and your spirit!

65 of 365 days- chest and back- Power of 100

First day of volume training. Eye opening! I thought my stamina would be a lot better in my chest. However, it was not. My back had good stamina and strength but the chest was a let down.


Bench press 80kg -25,10, 5, 5, 4, 1
Bench press 60kg- 30,10, 8,2

Seated bench with seated row machine 70kg/55kg


Seated row moved up to 60kg


Lap Pull down with Leg press 75kg/160kg


second set

Leg raises 20