Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Body journey day 60 (29/02/12)

Day 60

Protein shakes and Chicken

I need to drink more water

Gym stories 59# BBC Horizon Truth about exercise review

I made a previous post about the BBC's Truth about exercise Documentary. So here is my review after i watched it.

Gym advice 59# What to do if you hate cardio?pt2

So you hate doing cardio.

Check out HIT(high intensity training) which is basically a shortened more extreme version of interval training( fast, slow fast slow cardio)

Check out the video

60 of 365 days- Triceps, Abs and Biceps plus Deadlift...

Day 60

Today i continued my protein diet with one solid meal a day. I had chicken with onions, red and green peppers with Fajita's seasoning. I could eat this all day every day lol

Today i also decided to jog to the gym. Which i found to be a painful decision. I haven't jogged for a while, even though i have been riding a fair amount of the time. The jog itself was a mixture of medium intensity interval training- ie light sprints.


The session

Cable Single arm pull down 5x5/5/ 20kg

Dead lift 5x5 140kg
Weight Pull ups 5x5 30kg
Dumbell curls 4x8/8 28kg
Curl and press 2x5/5 -26kg

Dumbell curl 2x5/5 34kg

Cable crunches 3x10/10/10/10
leg raises 1x30 reps

Captain america with side rotation and then crunches 1x10/10/10

Matt crunches 10reps
Matt leg raises 10reps
Matt side crunches 10/10reps

Insensive bike ride home

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Body journey day 59 (28/02/12)

Day 59

Protein shakes and Nandos chicken- i need to stop giving nandos my money.

Gym stories 58# great core workout

Someone did my workout and enjoyed it(well felt the benefits)


Gym Advice 58# What should you eat to get ripped quick?

My current eating programme is... protein shakes and then meat and vegetables for dinner...

Watch and learn

59 of 365 days- Shoulders and Biceps

Day 59

Today was a strange one... I was really tired in my first sensation and then in my second i felt good to go..


Barbell press 3x1 80kg, 75kg, 70kg
Barbell press 5x5 60kg
Upright row 5x5 60kg

Hammer strength machine crunches 4x10 45kg
axe cable chop 3x10/10- 25kg

peck deck 5x10 100kg (random i know- nothing to do with shoulders or biceps)


Clean and jerk 5x5 70kg
dumbell press 5x5 40kg
preacher curl 5x5 50kg, 55kg 55kg 55kg,55kg

cable curl 5x5/5/5/5 80kg-which is on a machine where your supposed to use both pulleys so this weight isn't correct.

side crunches 3x20 with a hold in the minute

Super set

Shoulder press and leg press

5x5/10 50kg and 240kg

then home

Can three minutes of exercise a week help make you fit? BBC Article

Can three minutes of exercise a week help make you fit?

The BBC has this headline on their front page today.

The exercise they are referring to is HIT(high intensity training). They say 20 seconds of high intensity repeated three times with light cardio imbetween can improve you aerobically and improve your insulin sensitivity.

To someone who has never been to a gym this sounds revolutionary. To anyone who has ever asked someone whats the best way to do cardio, they will HIT as interval training. Exactly the same principle however HIT has just shortened the time you workout and made you try to go faster.

Is this a good programme?

Well if you happen to have a gym bike in your house and only 3 minutes to spare then its perfect. However, if you paid x amount for gym membership, don't have a bike in your house and have more than 3 minutes to spare it is not for you.

Personally, i would say this is a programme for people who do not intend to go to the gym. OR some you muscle guys who hate doing any cardio 3 minutes is better than no minutes!

However, this will not get your ripped it won't make you a significantly better biker or runner. It won't make you stronger. This programme is basically only of benefit to you if you never do any training.

I used to be a sprinter, so i am used to short high intensity burst in training.They are only of real benefit when supplemented with other forms of training.

So do not read the BBC article as a new revolution in fitness.

The underlying point of this whole study is that most people do not normal train at high intensity in the gym. If more people did then they would be in there a shorter time and see results a lot quicker. Train like you did when you were a child, thinking every minute must be used to its full capacity and you will train harder and push your body to the limits. Thus, see the results and body you want a lot quicker.

Check out

Michael Mosley presents Horizon: The Truth About Exercise is on BBC Two at 21:00 GMT on Tuesday 28 February 2012 or watch online afterwards at the above link.

I am going to watch it and see if it is any good.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Body journey day 58 (27/02/12)

Day 58
Chicken and protein shakes

Cutting down on carbs now. To get some definition back

Captain America Abs Crunch- great abs and upper body workout

This is one of the abs routines i do.

It great to do on a chest or tricep do as your working your upper body as well

I do 3-5 sets of 15 on this

usually do some side to sides as well.

Pull ups workout 1#

This is a snippet of the pull ups workout that i do.

We do 5x5 with 25kg on the belt or more depending at what point we do this in the sesssion.

30 seconds rest.

This is great to build up your pull up strength once you can already do 10-15 pull ups.

Watch and learn

This video made me laugh -King of ABS "8 Pack Abs Hitch"

Abs are looking pretty ripped, however, the belly roll just made me laugh.

Workout- Single Arm Decline Dumbell press workout- Core Strength

This is one of the workout i say to people and they look at me like i am talking double dutch.

Watch and see for yourself.

It is a good chest workout and great for building core stability. Especially if you want to attempt moves like THE FLAG.

You have to keep the tension on your abs to maintain your balance.

Wench O'clock!

Challenge 120kg squat

2 reps. Was not very hard.

So i could probably do more. However, i hate squats... so probably wont for a while

Gym stories 57# The 120kg squat

120kg squat attempt and it was a successful attempt!

Watch me talk about it and my loathing of legs...

Gym Advice 57# What to do if you can't sleep

If you can not sleep....Go to the gym!!!!

After consistently training hard your body ends up begging you to get the proper amount of rest.

I felt that this weekend. I had been missing sleep and working late. So i felt dead in the gym today.


58 of 365 days- Chest and back

Day 58

Today i attempted and did 120kg squat! Which for me is heavy but for most guys isn't... but such is the life of people with long legs.


Bench Press 5x5 130kg
Lap Pull down 5x8 100kg
Squat 1x2 120kg
Squat 5x5 100kg

Decline single arm dumbell press 3x5/5/5/5 38kg
barbell crunches 3x15 -20kg

Captain america sit ups 3x15

Crunches on the matts about 50 varying movements

incline bench 3x5 `120kg, 110kg 110kg

pull ups

home time

I was really tired today. I did not feel strong at all.

Body journey day 57 (26/02/12)

Day 57

Chinese lol and some other crap

Gym stories 56# using other members strength to inspire you at the gym

I didn't always have a strong core...

Gym advice 56# How to not lose focus of your gym goals?

Just Watch.

Do not use excuses on why you stopped the gym

57 of 365 days- Arsenal vs Spurs and Rest Day

Day 57

Rest Day. Arsenal vs Spurs, we won 5-2!!!!!

Good times

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Body journey day 56 (25/02/12)

Day 56

chicken and ribs

Body journey day 55 (24/02/12)

Day 55


Gym Stories- cheating in a spin class

Day 56

It's you only against the world... watch

Gym advice 55# Should you practise perfect form

Day 55

Answer yes. Perfect practise makes perfect

56 of 365 days- Bike ride and rest

Day 56

So tired. Mini bike ride

Gym stories 54# The Video shoot and difference in training regimes

Just watch

Gym advice 54# Why rest?

Why you should have a rest day~?

55 of 365 days- The Saturdays video shoot- Rest Day

Day 55

Video shoot day for the saturdays. So tired

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Body journey day 54 (04/02/12)

Day 54
bolognese and protein shakes

Gym advice 53# Should you do cardio?

Should you do cardio?

Yes you should!!!!

If you aim is to get ripped. Yes you should!
If you aim is to get big. Yes you should!

Cardio and running a marathon each week aren't the same thing. You are not training yourself that hard. However, what you are doing is giving your muscle a good stretch and working them in a different way. YOU SHOULDNT JUST PUMP HEAVY WEIGHTS!

Think of it like this; if you were a Sports car, you would want to look and perform exceptionally. If you only look good you might as well just keep that sports car parked outside your house so people just assume its powerful- when in fact it is weak.

If cardio is not your thing... Well make it your thing. Try out these sets

500m x4 with one-2minutes rest on rowing machine

3km sprint on bike no resistance to 5

5x 3 minutes of skipping throughout a session

1km treadmill run

hill runs (if you have a hill near your gym or house) 10 sprints and jog down

Gym stories 53# Friends not turning up

lame story lol

54 of 365 days- Bike ride

Day 54

Went for a bike ride. That was it.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Body journey day 53 (22/02/12)

Day 53
Chicken in the morning
Protein shakes
Chicken evening

spaghetti bolognese after work

Gym stories 51# The huge guy at the gym

Here is the link to the video i am talking about

Gym advice 52# what exercises to do get ripped abs?

watch the video if you want to know how to get better abs

53 of 365 days- Triceps, abs and legs

Day 53

Really was not up for the session today. Plus i have a pain in my biceps... EXCUSES.COM lol


single arm cable pull downs 3x5/5/5/5 20kg

single arm cable crunches on knees 3x10/10/10/10 with 5 second hold at 5 reps
Dips 4x10

Straight leg Deadlift 5x5 140kg

double arm cable pull down 3x5 45kg

cable bar crunches 3x8 50kg

hamstring curl 5x5 95kg, 90kg,90kg,90kg, 85kg

leg raises 2x30

I didnt mention this in the video- I will make a video explaining and showing what these are
Flag crunches

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Body journey day 52 (21/02/12)

Day 52

Again chicken and red/green peppers.

plus rice and tuna

Gym advice 51# Should you follow someone else's routine?

Should you follow someone's personal workout?

Quick answer no! You should always look to tailor make your own workout. Workout should be like buying a suit. A suit straight off the rack will do the job but it wont fit exactly or be as good as it could be; it has to be tailored.

So don't go buy a fitness magazine and do exactly what they tell you. Don't buy some bodybuilders new book and do his exact workout. Your a unique person with a unique body. You need to tailor your workout to your strengths and weaknesses

Just watch the vid..

Wench o'clock

Gym stories 51# The deep squat

Why is my squating less than my bench?

Excuses: i have really long legs and a super strong chest
Real reason: i plan hate squats

Today was a day where i decided to up my game and stop making squating excuses.

Watch ...

52 of 365 days- Shoulders, Bicep and Squats

Day 52

Today was shoulders and Bicep with squats. I personally hate squats with a passion. Especially the low down squats(which are the ones your supposed to do- however, i have heard they are not very good for knees)

Anyway, the rest of the session was enjoyable.


Barbel Press 5x5 75, 75,75, 70,70kg 2minutes rest
Upright barbell row 5x5 70kg 1minute rest

Clean and jerk 5x5 70kg Great set!

preacher curl 4x5 50kg
Standing preacher curl 2 x5

Dumbell curl 4x10/10 30kg

Side dumbell raises 4x5 22kg

Deep Squats 5x5 100kg

Curl and press 3x5/5/5/5 28kg

curl and press 1x34reps and 30 reps 18kg

Home time

Monday, 20 February 2012

Body journey day 51 (20/02/12)

Day 51

Lots of chicken lol

Gym stories 50# Deadlift 200kg Fail

Today i attempted and failed at 200kg. I wrongly thought i would be able to do it with ease yesterday. However, that was not the case. So i am going to work on it gradually each week. It is not a major priority to me at the moment. However, it would be nice to be able to have a decent deadlift.

Gym advice 50# check your weights to stay safe

check your weights. Even if you are with a training partner, because they might not be on the same wave-length as you!

51 of 365 days- Back, Shoulders and Deadlift

Day 51 Back, Chest and Deadlift

Today, i wanted to attempt 200kg. I failed. "whenever you fail don't forget the lesson"

So i will attempt again at a later date. The rest of the session went ok, it was not super intensive. However, still managed to get a good pump and my back is feeling it now!


Bench press 5x5 130kg, 127.5kg, 127.5, 125, 125,
Bench press 1x8 110kg

Dead lift, 140kg, 200kg(fail)
Dead lift 3x5 150kg

Barbell row 3x5 100kg

Decline dumbell press with barbel sit ups

5x12 dumbells 40kg
20kg bar for sit ups set of 15,15,15, 10/10, 15/15

Single arm dumbell press 3x5/5/5/5 36kg
with alternative touching toes sit ups 3x10/10

Seated bench press, machine pull downs, machine rows

3x10/10/10 100kg, 100kg, 65kg

cable rows on the floor 4x5-95kg

standing up pulling down 3x 5 55kg

During the session we did 4 2 minute skips

ending on 3x10 pull ups
2x10 leg raises


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Body journey day 50 (19/02/12)

Day 50

Today was random, but i had some good soul food at my Aunty's house and some pancakes, sausages and fishcakes for breakfast from my Mother.

Gym stories 49# My day at Progressive Training Systems

Well, today was good fun. I had wanted to check out a different kind of gym than i was used to, for a good while.

For to long I had got used to the non-competitive world of middle range, so called "health centre" style gyms. Or as i referred to them "poser" type gyms. Today, i was in a warehouse with some competitive guys and gals who had goals and were determined to hit them! Really refreshing and a great experience.

Progressive Training systems in Northampton, is a top notch quality training environment!

It is the kind of place where you are support not only through quality coaching/training but by supportive training partners. Sometimes having a team behind you willing you to push that final rep can make all the difference!

Watch the video to see how my day went!

Wench O'clock!

Gym advice 49# Try out different gyms

If you are getting bored of you current gym. Don't just keep giving them your money and ending up not going. How about trying out a different type of gym or fitness regime.

There are so many different ways you can get healthy.

Such as Crossfit, Dance classes, Running clubs, climbing clubs, Mixed Martial Arts.... the list goes on.

Not everyone gets the results they want from conventional training. Give the other types of gyms a try for a session and you might find a new group of training partners and goals that suit you!

covermodeljourney- 50- Strongman Competition

Today was unexpected.

I woke up and thought "how about you find out if there is a crossfit type gym around here". So i did.

After some banter on facebook i was directed to a warehouse a friend of mine trains at.

I turned up not really knowing what to expect, but with the plan to do some clean and jerk and maybe some snatch. This did not happen.

As soon i got there i noticed there was a competition going on. The former athlete inside of me could not resist my former competitive spirit calling out to me. So i enter the "dead strong" competition.

This was based on your body weight vs how much you could deadlift and how much you could pin bench. you could only have 3 attempts at different weights

I weighed in at 83.1
I benched 140kg
Deadlifted 190kg

And i won!!!

Good times.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Body journey day 49 (18/02/12)

Day 49

Gym advice 48# What to eat instead of sweets and cakes?

So you love sweets and cakes! There is no shame in that, but if your trying to get that summer body, these yummy foods are not your friends. However, a equally tasty alternative are blueberries.

I certainly think they taste really nice and they are supposed to help your body get rid of fat... I am not sure how true this is but hey they are natural so must be good for you.

Gym stories 48# When i used to love training legs

Long before i hit the gym i was an athlete. I trained for 400m and eventually moved up to 400m Hurdles. At my peak i was ranked no1 in GB and i had also won a bronze medal at AAA( gb athletic championship) for High Jump.

So basically, my body was trained and designed for endurance sprinting. Which means i was strong but not particularly bulky... Skinny! However, no guy wants to be skinny. So this video is about how i used to love training legs, in the vain hope of bigger legs!

49 of 365 days- Rest Day plus endurance training talk

Day 49

Rest day

However, in this video i talk more about how i am going to train for the dragan challenge and how i am going to do my endurance training.

ch ch check it out!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Body journey day 48 (17/02/12)

Day 48

Spaghetti bolognese

Gym stories 47# Clean and jerk fun times

Clean and Jerk is no joke!!!

It is slowly killing my body lol

Gym advice 47# Take progress pictures

Take pictures, so you know where you have come from and how you are improving.

Much like the pictures i do

Covermodeljourney- 48 of 365 days- Mixed session

Day 48

Today was a fairly mixed session.

Close grip bench 4x5 80kg
Dips 3x15
Cable pull downs 4x5 45kg

Leg circuit
Leg extention- leg press- hamstring curl
3x10/15/10- 95kg, 190kg, 80kg

side abs cable crunches 3x5/5 30kg

clean and jerk 5x5 70kg
snatch 5reps 60kg

2x30 leg raises

Antoine crunch 3x5/5 with 30kg
decline crunches 2x10


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Body journey day 47 (16/02/12)

Day 47

Chicken and potatoes

Gym Stories 46# Pride comes before a fall

No when to quit because your endangering yourself!!

Gyming is not worth broken bones

Gym advice 46# There are no excuses

If i find the video i am talking about I will make a post about it.


No excuses

"luke get to the chopper"

Covermodeljourney- 47 of 365 days- Shoulders, Bicep, pull ups and legs

Day 47

Cable Crunches 4x5/5
clean and jerk 4x5 60kg
Snatch 3x3

Curl and press 28kg 2/2/2/2/2/2/ (ie each arm twice)

Curl and press 1 minute as many reps as possible 14kg

Pull ups 2x failure
pull ups with straight legs 2x failure

one failed attempt at seated dumbbell press

curl and press session


sets of 2,3,4 5 each arm


same sets but with just curl
same set with just press

seated machine shoulder press

abs session


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Body journey day 46 (15/02/12)

Day 46

Gym stories 45# someone stole my headphones

the story of my stolen headphones sad times!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gym advice 45# lock up your stuff

Use a lock at the gym or feel my pain

Covermodeljourney- 46 of 365 days- Shoulder and Biceps plus legs

Day 46

Military Press- 5x5 75kg, 75kg, 75kg, 70kg, 70kg
upright row- 5x5 70kg
clean and jerk 5x5 70kg

preacher curl 5x5 50kg
standing barbel curl 5x5 50kg
dragan double arm 4x2/2

30 dips, 20dips
20 pull ups

machine shoulder press with leg press

5x10/10 50kg with 240kg

incline dumbell press 60degrees 3x10 42kg
shrugs 20


Body journey day 45 (14/02/12)

Day 45

Gym Stories 44# skinny legs

After a debate with some internet gangsters on the Men Health forum i decided to make another video about my legs.

I have skinny legs... IN COMPARISON to the rest of my body. My legs alone are just normal size, hence why i can still shop in normal shops for jeans. I have a 31inch waist, which means the trousers i buy usually have thin legs in the first place... I do not want to have to buy a new wardrobe.

HOWEVER summer is around the corner and not being able to walk around in shorts is not a good luck. So i do do leg exercises just not on the same intensity as my other muscle groups. However, i am going to up my game and do more sessions

Gym advice 44# The first goal you should have in the gym

The first goal you should have in the gym is being able to master your own weight.

Essentially, being able to manipulate your body weight around the gym is a true expression of fitness.

For instance, pullups, sit ups, dips and press ups are the foundation. The next level is being able to use machines on a weight that is the same as your actually body weight. Now this is easier and harder depending on how much you initially weigh.

For instance, i weight 80kg which isn't heavy but at the same point is not light. Therefore, for me to manipulate my body around the gym i need to be repping 80kg on; lap pull down, shoulder press, leg press, peck deck, row machine etc etc. Which i can but that because i have been gyming for a fairly long time. So don't be put off if you weigh more because its a good stable target to aim for!

45 of 365 days- rest day

Day 45

Rest day

yeah... lol

Monday, 13 February 2012

Body journey day 44 (13/02/12)

Day 44

Curry goat and rice and peas(jamaican food)
Ice cream lol

Gym stories 43# clean and jerk

To become good at Clean and Jerk is my new goal!

I am going to incorporate it into my Dragan challenge training.

Right now i can lift my own weight 80kg but with poor technique lol.

It should be a lot better, as i did it as a teenager for athletics. So hopefully i will improve quickly.

Gym advice 43# Don't have an ego

Don't have an ego in the gym when it comes to safety!

If you need a spot or think you may slightly need one, then just ask. There really is no point putting yourself and others at risk. Just be safe. It does not make you less of a man lol.

44 of 365 days- Chest, back and Legs mini session

Day 44

Mini Session, as i did not have much time.

Bench press 5x5 plus 1xfailure 130kg, 130kg, 125kg, 125kg, 120kg, 10x100kg

Clean and jerk 5x2 80kg

barbell rows 5x5 120kg with 10 shurgs

Lap pull down with leg press 4x6/10 100kg/190kg


Body journey day 43 (012/02/12)

Day 43

Tuna and rice x 2

Spent most of the day tidying my room. Plus i watched Safe house. Which was ok, not Denzel's best film but not his worse. Actually, does he have a worse film? They are all pretty good.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Gym Advice- What to do if you hate cardio?

So you do not have time for cardio or hate it?

Well try compound lifts, such as standing shoulder press etc etc.

However, you should also try to get into doing Clean and jerk/Snatch exercises. Great workout!

Covermodeljourney- 43 of 365 days- Rest

Rest Day.

I am going to do some press ups, squats and dips in my room. Not an amazing workout but it will just keep the body ticking over. My right shoulder keeps twitching... so i am not sure whats going on there lol.

Hopefully, it is not a early warning sign of a stroke.

Anyway, back in the gym tomorrow.

Gym stories 42# its good to fail!

Sometimes, it is good to fail. You get to learn your limitation and you can use the failure to inspire you.

Just make sure you do not forget the lessons of the failure.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Body journey day 42 (11/02/12)

Day 42

Gym stories 41# Giving out advice on Men's Health Forums

There is a quote "it rains on roses as well as weeds and both grow but the rain is the same".

Ie rain is like advice. The advice can be the same but it can get positive and negative results.

I found this out on the Men's health forum. I offered some advice out and got hit with pure ignorance mixed with thanks.

My training routine is "disco". This from a 20 year old boy whose weights regime is the same as i was doing when i was 14. ANYWAY

That is the nature of the internet; everyone has an opinion but very little evidence to back it up.

I still say say what you got to say. Comment and i will just reply with my opinion.

Gym advice 41# How not to annoy people at the gym

Gym is a busy a place. It is quite easy to annoy people.

Covermodeljourney- 42 of 365 days- Rest Day

Rest day.

Forced. But i may do some sit ups in my room... undecided as it needs a tidy

Body journey day 41 (10/02/12)

Day 41

Chinese and a weak gym session

Gym stories 40# Watching CrossFit videos and realising i am weak!

Every so often a man is presented with his immortality. Watching crossfit videos on youtube was my presentation. These guys are superhuman.

The all around strength they have is absolutely mind blowing. Made me really look deep at myself and think "twon, you need to up your game" lol.

Which is great! Getting complacent stops you from making your biggest improvements. So don't be envious of that strong/ripped guy at the gym. Use him as a plank to boost your training and get you closer to your goals.

Wench O'clock

Gym advice 40# When to change your routine?

When you are going to gym regularly, you need to get the right balance in your schedule. Ie when to change your routine and when to stick with it. Change too soon and you wont see the benefits. Change to late and you will stop seeing the benefits of that routine.

Watch and see

Covermodeljourney- 41 of 365 days- chest and back

Day 41

Began by attempting 1 rep max on the bench, MAJOR FAIL! lol. Well, it was not that bad. I attempted 150kg- i got it off the rack and brought it down and then it felt like i was pushing against a wall. So i did some supported lifts after that. So i am guessing my 1rep max is 145kg


Drop set
Bench Press 150kg 2reps, 140 4 reps, 130kg 5reps, 120kg 5reps, 110 5 reps, 100kg 10reps

Super set
Deadlift and Rows

6x5/5 120kg

single arm barbel pulls (Basically, pull one end of the bar to your chest, whilst the other is on the ground)

4x5/5/5/5 50kg

3x15 pull ups

dips to failure


Not the best session ever.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Body journey day 40 (09/02/12)

Day 40

Chinese and i have a cold but its getting better

Gym stories 39# When i was skinny and my beast friend

I was skinny back in the day and compared to my friends i still am skinny!

We all have different body types, you can find yours and work with it or work against it. Some people are lucky to burn fuel like a combustion engine and others put on weight like a bear getting ready for winter. That is just life. I wish my legs weren't skinny and crew as easy as my chest. Other people wish they had a chest and not tree trunk legs.

So in short just watch!! lol

Gym advice 39# Women you wont look like Jodie Marsh if you use weights

This picture sums up this post lol- Keep Reading!

I hear this a lot.

Woman: "i want to get more toned/a fuller bum"
Response: "you should hit the weights room"
Woman: "no! i don't want to get muscley or like Jodie Marsh...."

Ok, this is not the view of every woman, but it is a view i hear a lot. So i must stress THE WEIGHTS ROOM IS NOT GOING TO MAKE YOU HUGE!

So do not worry, a session a week will not make you look like the bodybuilding pictures of Jodie Marsh.

Think, about it logically, most female athletes more than likely have to do weights. Yet, if you look at the average female sprinter or even middle distance runner, they do not look like bodybuilders. Why? Because bodybuilding is an extreme weights and diet regime. Normal weight training will get you toned and the look you want.

Celebrities don't actually train by watching their own DVD Dance workout. They have a personal trainer who gets them jogging and most of all in the weights room.

So if you want a bigger bum; hit the squats, lunges and hamstring curls; you want a toned tummy; do sit ups crunches, cable crunches, dumbbell crunches etc... AND carry on your cardio regime of which most women are better at performing that guys i see.

All the exercise you see the guys who know what they are doing doing ( which is like 5% in the gym lol) you should also being doing. Vice-versa most guys should be doing more cardio and attending more of the classes you do (maybe not zumba).

I know the weights room can be a sweaty box of grunting guys.. A secret club of potential rude and inconsiderate meat heads; each trying to emasculate the next. However, most guys wish they were knights in shining armer. Therefore, they are more than willing to give a help hand to a damsel in distress.

If your not keen on random gym pervs help then here is a quick weights session to help you along your way.

Barbell squats
3x10reps with 1 minute rest

3x10 reps 1 minute rest

crunches with a light dumbbell in your hand
3x15reps 45 seconds rest

dumbbell curls (choose a comfortable but challenging weight)

3x8/8reps 1 minute between sets (each arm does 8 reps)

bench press
3x8 1.30m rest

Dumbell shoulder press

3x8/8reps 1 minute between sets (each arm does 8 reps)

Lap pull down machine

3x10 1 minute rest

Stepups with barbell on back or dumbells in hands

3x10/10 (change which is the leading leg)

Sit ups with 5 kg plate(or less)


40 of 365 days- Rest Day

Day 40

I have a cold. So i couldn't train and i had to go somewhere in the morning. But i am feeling good to train tomorrow.

I think i might make a training video in my room when i buy a camera.

Wench O clock

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Body journey day 39 (08/02/12)

Day 39

Nandos- and i have a cold

Gym stories 38# Random promo work

This video is a bit random. Random job for More Magazine... Fun times. Really nice ladies who work there. "Good peoples"

Gym advice 38# Can you train with an injury?

Is it ok to train with an injury? Answer: it depends!

It all depends on where the injury is and to what extent the body is injured. If you hurt you leg playing football or falling over after a drunken night out, as long as it is not hanging off like some shark attack, you should be fine to train. Remember you body has lots of different areas and muscle groups. You can train the non injured areas.

However, if you injury your shoulder, you can pretty much only train your legs. And thats not fun! So most of the time it is better to rest today to be better tomorrow. Instead of making yourself worse

39 of 365 days- Rest Day

Day 39

Rest day and talking about having a cold... Fun fun fun!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Body journey day 38 (07/02/12)

Day 38
Spaghetti bolognese for breakfast and lunch
Chicken and red peppers

Wow, the food i eat is random.

Gym stories 37# Gym buddies

Gym buddies... The blinding leading the blind.


Gym advice 37# Are supersets good or bad?

Super sets

What is a superset?

Superset is where you combine to exercises with minimal rest. For instance, doing pull ups followed by dips and then resting.

Supersets are a great way to work on area of your body you hate exercising. You can combine them with an exercise you do like and work them together. For instance, i hate legs! So i do legs with Lap pull downs or in a circuit with a friend.

Good supersets are

Dumbell press
45 degrees and 65 degress

deadlift and upright rows

curls and shoulder press (ie dragan challenge)

Squats and shoulderpress (depending on how strong you are)

38 of 365 days- shoulders and biceps- Lifting Heavy

Day 38

Shoulders and biceps!!!!

Standing miltary press 5x5 80kg=Fail 75kg,75kg,75kg,75kg,75kg
Clean and press 1x25 75kg
upright row 5x5 70kg

Preacher curl 5x5 50kg
standing barbel curl 4x8 50kg

dumbell curl 3x5 30kg


Seated dumbell press 5x6 40kg WHOOP!
chin ups 3x15
single arm Cable curl 5x5/5/5/5 90kg

Shoulder press with Leg press 5x5/10
SP=50kg LP=220kg

shoulder shrugs 3x20 40kg
Curl and Press 5x6/6 26kg
side arm raises 5x5 22kg


Sauna home!!