Monday, 30 January 2012

Body journey day 30 (30/01/12)

Day 30

I drank maybe 5 bottles of protein (water)

Dinner was potatoes and chicken

Gym stories 29# Thieves at the gym

Someone stole my Socks at the gym! We are living in dangerous times lol

Gym advice 29# To use gloves or not to?

Whether or not to use gloves in the gym?

This all depends on what your doing

Wench O'clock
"gorillas don't lift weights and their strong as hell" = Foot Fist way

30 of 365 days- Chest and back- Lifting Heavy

Day 30

Today was the first day or lifting heavy. I was supposed to do my 1rep maxs but instead i will do that tomorrow.

Today's session was...

Bench press 5x5 120kg

Seated bench 5x6 100kg (switching between wide grip and narrow grip) & 1x5/5

Decline dumbell press 5x5 40kg
15 sits between sets

5x15 40kg

side lateral raises 2x15/15/15/15

Single Arm Decline Press 3x5/5/5/5
decline Flys 3x5

cable row 5x5 95kg
standing cable row 3x5 85kg

pull up with Dips
5x5 40kg


Incline bench 65 degrees 4x5 42kg
Shrugs 3 x15 42kg

Single arm bent over row whilst holding on to top of bench at 30degrees

Lap pull down 3x10 100kg
Peck deck 4x15 95kg

Sit ups/crunches with 10kg

The Flag- is it the ultimate test of strength?

The flag.

I uploaded this picture to my facebook and a friend commented "this is the ultimate test of strength!" and another said "how many years did this take you?". I replied to the first- its not that hard and to the second it took a month!

The flag really is not that hard to do. I am not being arrogant but i guess this picture is showing off a little bit. However, with the core training i do and suggest, the flag is a reasonable target as a fitness goal.

Now here comes the usually excuses-- your short, you have short legs, you do not weigh much, you have skinny legs etc etc....

Ok i am 6'2, with a 2.12m arm span. My legs are average but they are really long and i weight 80kg+.

So how did i do it?

Firstly, you need a strong core- so you need to be doing sit ups with weights like 10kg and make your way up to 20kg. (Strong core is obvious) However, your core is only carrying the weight of your legs. This means your upper body needs to be strong too.

Secondly, you need to have strong upper body. So if you can not hold yourself in a pull up position for longer than 10 seconds you wont be able to do the flag yet. So start doing pull ups. However, i am not talking regular pull ups. I mean you pull up and hold for 2 seconds and make your way up to holding for 10 seconds  3x10 with less than a minute rest. Once, you have mastered this, you need to start doing pull ups with straight legs. 

These two exercises build up the foundation strength you need to attempt the flag. 

NEXT- it time to do some isolation exercises on the key muscles involved. I would suggest if your core is now strong but lacks endurance, you start with the plank. 3x1minute with 1 minute rest. BUT, during the rest phase you are not actually resting, you are doing side crunches 30 seconds on each side.

Follow by 4x1minute side planks. This time in the rest phase you are doing back crunches.

now, it gets a little harder. You need to find a decline abs bench and do spinning crunches. This is where you lift off the bench and touch the alternative knee with your elbow or you can do it with a light bar across your neck(crucifix sit up). You need to maintain this spin for 15 seconds, making your way to 30 seconds when you get stronger. Followed by, 3x15-30reps of straight leg crunches on a matt and on a pull up bar.

Lastly, Which is most important. YOU NEED TO MAKE ATTEMPTS AT DOING FLAG. 
Attempt and fail, but learn from the failure, ie where were your weaknesses.
The flag is an alien move to the body, the muscle needs a few attempts to understand the mechanics and tense the right muscles to hold your body in place.

The hardest thing about it is trusting yourself.
If you do not fully commit to pushing your legs up your legs will not be high enough for your abs to be able to hold them. You need to use momentum to get your legs parallel. Once, they are parallel it will be far easier to hold them. For instance, if you take the bar your holding as 180 degrees and your legs need to be 90 degrees. If when you jump up they are less than 90 degrees you will find it far more difficult to hold them in place.


Sunday, 29 January 2012

Body journey day 29 (29/01/12)

Day 29

Fish and protein shake and most likely a chinese later on lol

Gym stories 28# Loosing strength but gaining endurance

Sometimes i feel like Samson! I used to have long hair and i was a lot stronger. my hair is slowly growing back and my strength is slowly coming back with it.

However, i do not want to lose my endurance!!!! So thats the new challenge in the gym to stay strong but also be a machine!!!

Gym advice 28# How do i get ripped if i can only make it to the gym less...

If you can only make it to the gym less than three times a week, how can you still get ripped/a better body?

Well, it is not easy. Regularly working out is the key to a quick change in your body look. However, all is not lost. If you can do sits ups before each meal, eat properly and do a regime of press ups before you sleep and once you wake up; you will begin to see a change in your body.

In addition, those two days at the gym are essential. This means you needs to train hard, lift heavy and do alot of reps. IF YOU ARE NOT HURTING AFTER EACH SESSION YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME!!!!!

By hurting i mean your muscles ache, not just you are tired.


29 of 365 days- rest day and blog

Day 29

Today was another rest day. However, i did recieve some of the pictures from my shoot. So i will upload them later.

In addition, because I am starting my heavy lifting regime from Monday. I decided it would be best to start doing press ups in the evening and morning. This is to counter balance the strength endurance i will be loving from just doing strength work.

Hopefully, you will not see my body change to much except getting bigger not fatter!!!!

Wench o'clock

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Body journey day 28 (28/01/12)

Day 28

Today I had a photoshoot.

I had a protein shake for breakfast, chicken for lunch and spaggetti bolognese for dinner and i will eat something later.

Gym stories 27# Karma's a bitch at the Gym

Don't laugh at my pain.

Gym advice 27# How to improve your rowing cardio?

How to improve your Rowing?

Rowing or Skipping are the best ways to do cardio in my opinion (not including sprint training).

Therefore, if you want to improve you need to become stronger and fitter. To do this, you can involve rows into your workout regime on non-cardio days; exercises such as upright row, cable seated row, barbell row and dumbell row will help you improve immensely.

Watch and learn

Wench o'clock

28 of 365 days- rest day plus Flag Tips

Day 28- Rest Day

Today, was a rest day. However, it did involve me going to the park and doing a fitness shoot.

The shoot went ok, i did not prepare properly for it, so i am not pumped in any of the shots. However, there is still ok definition and an improvement from my last shoot.

The shoot itself involved running around an old school red-grar track and going to a trim trail and doing the flag along with pull ups.

It was uber cold but fully worth it.


In this video i give some tips on how to do the flag.

Wench o'clocl

Friday, 27 January 2012

Body journey day 27 (27/01/12)

Day 27

Today I had Chicken and root mash potato

The best hardcore workout for abs

This is a continuation on the Abs post I made earlier.

The session I do is a little bit hardcore...

It begins with 15/15 "antoine crunches" whilst rest on the back cushion and then 15 hanging or holding yourself up on the dip bar.

If you do not understand what i mean, write a comment and i will reply.

Wench O'clock

Gym advice 26# How do guys lose weight quickly?

Men, guys, lads, boys...chaps we know we love the weights room. To the extent, that even i have sniggered at guys i saw waiting for the spin class to begin. However, i soon found out spin was not just for girls!

Spin classes are really challenging way to burn fat and improve fitness. If you push yourself you will be sweating buckets and giving your legs a good workout.

Check out the video.

Gym stories 26# The spin class violation

The session at the gym involved me reluctantly agreeing to take part in a spin class. Wet is no the word. I sweat really easily but this was beyond ridiculous. So watch and feel my pain

27 of 365 Shoulders, Abs and Spin

Day 27

Curl and Press- 3x15/15- 24kg
Standing Alternate Dumbell press 3x15/14 24kg

Antoine crunch(leg raises with dips belt) 3x 15/15/15- 40kg weight

Dips(no weight) 2x30
leg raises 30reps
pull ups 20reps

Squats 4x15 -80kg

Leg Press, leg extension, Leg curls 2x15/10/10

Decline bench sit ups (middle side, side) 3x 20/15/15

Spin class 45minutes

Home time

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Body journey day 26 (26/01/12)

Day 26

Chicken enchildas no bread just mexican rice

Gym stories 25# January gymers try to stay past February

Gym advice 25# - When is it time to move in weights?

OK, so you have been going to gym and you are getting stronger. The weights your previously foudn hard are no longer a challenge. How do you know when it is time to move up in weights?

Well if you are completing your sets with ease, its time to move up in weights. The way i like to do this is by going up gradual on the first session of trying heavier weights. For instance, bench press- i do 4x10 so it would normal be 100kg,100kg,100kg,100kg, but instead i would do 105kg,105kg,100kg,100kg, and then the next chest session if i passed the first i would be doing 105kg x4sets of 10.

However, there is a more advance way i will be using for my heavy sets of 5x5.

so you begin the first week

second session
third session
fourth session
etc etc

It is more of a strain on your body but if you have the recovery/energy for it-- it will give great results

Wench O'clock

26 of 365 days- rest day

Day 26

Today was a rest day from the gym, i speak about my plans for the coming week and the photoshoot i have arranged for Saturday.

Wench o'clock

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Body journey day 25 (25/01/12)

Day 25
I had a tesco finest chicken mozerella thing... i am allergic to cheese... so hello skin rash lol

The Best Exercise for Six pack abs- Antoine Crunch

So you want ripped six pack abs? Well you need to get on the cardio if you are chubby or if you are skinny start lifting some weights on those abs!

This is my favourite exercise because i can work the abs and even triceps at the same time. BUT moreover, it is great for hitting the abs at different angles, you can twist, add more weight and you will always be stable.

You can do this with a dumbell but you legs will get tired holding it.

Go give it a try and comment on my blog or video whether you like it


Dips position- back on the cushion

4x5 in the dricep dip position

45 second rest between sets

hanging leg raises 4x10 but done slowly so there is no rocking.

Take off the dips belt

3x30 leg raises as straight as possible


Gym stories 24# The busy times at the gym

Just a little gym story about busy times.

Gym advice 24# What supplements to use?

This is a short video on what i do for nutrition and supplements... I am not a nutritionist however, i can say what is best for me.

I try to have more protein in a meal than the amount of carbs.... if you listen closely you can hear my microwave in the background... tesco's finest lol. So i am not the most strict eater. But i am in the firm belief that if you train hard you can eat anything within reason.

SO SUPPLEMENTS? I take creatine, cold liver oil, drink green tea (from time to time) and Calcium tablets. I have not got the money or the energy to take anything else. But this is just my choice.

25 of 365 days abs and Triceps

Day 25 Abs and Triceps

Began as always with two exercises from previous day

5 minute skip

Seated dumbell press 3x10 34kg
chin ups with 20kg dip belt 3x15

Abs knee raises with 30kg dip belt

4x15leg raises(10with back on the rest, 5 in dips position-see video) /10 dips

using a leg clamp(seated of lap pull downs)

negative crunches 4x15

crunches 4x15

crunches whilst holding 20kg plate
cable pulls downs 4x20 25kg

side lateral raises 4x20/20/20/20 42kg

Smith Machine
pull ups 1x20
hanging leg raises 2x 10
straight leg extension hold 2x20seconds

bar on level 4- press ups 2x15

one arm press ups 1x5/5

close grip bench press 4x10 90kg, 70kg,70kg,70kg


home time

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Body journey day 24 (24/01/12)

Day 24

I just ate 4 enchiladas... my stomach feels like it is about to explode

Gym stories 23# Making beg friends at the gym

Making buddies at the gym.

Gym advice 23# How to recovery after the gym?

Post Workout recovery.

My routine is cold shower, sauna, cold shower and sauna. Whilst i am in the sauna i am having a protein shake and lots of water. If you feel like your sitting on the beach, then the sauna is not hot enough. It needs to be hot like the fires of hell. Plus, the shower needs to be ice cold. Its not fun but you get used to it.

It helps the muscle relax and gets your blood flowing.

The suppliements i use are Calcium vitamin d tablets, cold liver oil and creatine. That is it. Oh and the occasional green tea.

24 of 365 days- Shoulder and Biceps

Day 24 Shoulders and Biceps

Incline dumbell press 65 degree 3x10 42kg
Shrugs 42 kg 2x10
chin ups 30kg dip belt 3x10

Leg raises with 30kg dip 4x10


standing barbell press 4x10 60kg
upright row 4x10 60kg

preacher bench curl 4x10 40kg,50kg, 45kg, 45kg

curls 4x10 24kg

Dragan(curl and press) 4x10/10 24kg
crunches whilst holding 24kg dumbell

single arm press 24kg 1x20

500kg leg press with 45kg shoulder press(hammer strength machine)



seat dumbell press 3x10 34kg

shrugs 4 x15 40kg

side lateral raises 4x10 18kg

barbell curl 3x8 50kg 50kg 50kg

standing dumbell press 28kg 3x10

decline sit ups 3x 20


Monday, 23 January 2012

Body journey day 23 (23/01/12)

day 23

Gym stories 22# Bullying at the gym

Only Jokes!

Gym advice 22# - How to get ripped and Strong Abs?

This video is intended for you to gym for a reason not just to look good. Building a strong core will help you with lots of other exercises and help stave off potential injury.

Using one arm on certain exercises helps to engage your core and help you will balance and weight distribution. Trust me it works! Since i have been doing this i can do the flag, straight leg pull ups and raises and generally my abs are hardcore you know the score!

23 of 365 days- Chest and back last strength enduranc...

Day 23 Back and chest

Mini session

Skipping for 5 minutes

Bench press 5x5 120kg
Bench press 10 reps 100kg

Shrugs 40kg 3x10


Pull ups 25reps
20 reps


rest for an hour

Main session

Bench press 4x10 100kg

Seated bent over rows 30degress 4x10 30kg

Seated bent over rows with further extension
seated reverse flys

4x10/10 22kg/12kg

pull ups 15reps

Standing cable flys 4x10 22.5
Lap pull downs 4x10 100kg, 100kg, 100kg, 90kg

cable cross over 4x10 22.5
one arm cable press 30kg

seated cable row 4x10 77kg

one arm fly 22.5kg 2x10


home time

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Body journey day 22 (22/01/12)

Day 22
Rest day no gyming

Gym stories 21# Women in the Gym

Hey ladies!

Sometimes you do silly things in the gym. What you wear, the exercises you do and mistaking the gym for a library.

Gym advice 21# Advice for Women in the Gym Weight loss goals

Women in the gym wanting to lose weight.

I think if you goal is to just lose weight you have a easier goal than guys who want to put on masses of muscle.

If your gym is one of the middle range fitness gyms such as fitness first, la fitness, virgin active etc etc. Then you should take advantage of every class you have time to attend. These classes burn fat and you do not have to know what you are doing as you are just following instructions.

HOWEVER, when you want to get really toned you need to find some weights in your hands... So i would suggest investing in a couple issues of "Women's Health Magazine" or a similar magazine. Do not go on celebrity diets as they only tell you half the story... not the lipo, personal trainer, 3 sessions a day and photoshop.

Simple quote...

"train hard or go home"

IF you train hard you will sweat if your sweating you will burn fat simples!!!!!!

So don't be a afraid to sweat or go into the weights room.

22 of 365 days- Rest day

Rest Day...

Today, i went to the emirates stadium to watch my team lose. I ate some chicken strips and a Shisha Kebab... both purchases i reget.

Gym tomorrow.

Wench O'clock

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Body journey day 21 (21/01/12)

Day 21
Gym Day

Gym stories 20# Random things you see in the gym

In the gym we come into contact with people we normal would not associate with. This brings strange and funny outcomes...

Gym advice 20# Is bad technique bad for you?

In the gym, it is best to be safe and try to use the best technique properly. However, once you know more about what you are doing you can do what is best for you. Usain bolt could be doing different technique to Ronnie Coleman but they both are getting the results they want. YET, this knowledge comes with experience. So be wary if your only a beginner.

21 of 365 days- skipping and pulls ups/abs

Day 21

Today was a lot of cardio/aerobic type exercises, so bare with me as i try explain.

Skipped for 5 minutes

Smith machine pullups 3 sets to failure (work in work out rest-ie partner goes then you go)
25, 15, 10

chin ups

standing half extention miltary press on smith machine

4x10 50kg

upright row smith machine

4x10 50kg

super set press ups on smith machine./ cross grip with reverse bar pull ups (where you back is facing the ground and you pull yourself to the bar with your feet on the ground

3x 15/10/10

1 arm smith machine press ups followed by normal smith machine press ups

2x 10/10/ plus 10

hammer strength machine seated press close grip

3 x10

sits up on lap pull down machine wtih 20kg



peck deck


hammer strength shoulder press 50kg each arm




Body journey day 20 (20/01/12)

Day 20

Friday, 20 January 2012

Gym stories 19# Being in the gym is better than being at home

Going to gym is just the start of the fitness journey, however, like any journey if it is not properly planned you can find yourself moving in the wrong direction.

If you do not have a goal, do not follow a plan, or follow the wrong plan, you will not get the results you want.

Gym advice 19# Don't be r kelly's next victim in the shower

20 of 365 abs and skipping

Day 20

Todays workout was a little bit lazy again. however, it was a good day for improving my skipping.


Skipped for 5 minutes

side lateral raises 3x20/20 30 seconds rest

skipped for a minute

50 straight leg raises

skipped for a minute

3x15 cable crunches 50kg

side cable crunches 2 x10/10 27.5

skipped for a minute

standing smith machine shoulder press 2x10 50kg

10 pull ups
10 dips

3 x10 rows 100kg



Random and some what pointless session but i was sweating so it was worth the trip.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Body journey day 19 (19/01/12)

Day 19

Gym advice 18# how to improve your skipping pt2

Gym stories 18# putting off your gym partner doing reps

19 of 365 days- pull ups, dips and skipping

Day 19

Today i was really tired and could not really be bothered. Which is not good. But having a gym partner meant that i did train and trained reasonably hard in parts.

Session began with

Bench press 4x5 115kg, 115kg, 115kg, 110kg

Skipping for about 10 minutes

Superset 20kg dipbelt.

10 pullups/10dips/ 15 leg raises x 4

skipping for about 15 minutes

Seated curl and press 8/8 x2 20kg


Very random workout as i was tired

Want to get ripped, then learn how to skip!

I think skipping is a fun and challenge way to shed fat. Especially, if you are not a fan of running or biking.

However, like i said before, don't take advice from people who do not look like they are following their own advice. So here are my videos of me skipping. I am not the best but not the worse either.

Skipping workout i do is....

50 double feet
50 right leg
50 left leg
50 running skips

then freestyle for 2 minutes

repeat this 4 times a session

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Body journey day 18 (18/01/12)

Day 18

Gym stories 17# Catching yourself in the mirror

Silly thing i noticed today

Gym advice 17# how to get great ripped six pack abs

For a long time people have asked me. "how do i get abs like yours? How does my bf get abs like yours?"

Well you could go back in time and replace me as my father and mothers son?... but escaping that, you wont be able to. Everyone has different body shape. So basically, you mean to ask how can i develop my abs to either be cut of stick out.


I have trained my abs in different ways over the years. What do i find the best way? well i am not sure, that is why i am doing this blog i guess. BUT all ways have been effective for me.

I began with

Decline sit ups trying to sit up with more and more weights on my chest. ie 5 kg then 10kg then finally 20kg. Which did work but i moved on to Crucifix sit ups which felt a lot hard.

I then realised my lower abs did not exist so i moved on to doing leg raises with dumbells. At first i could only do 12kg now i can could do 30kg dumbells if i wanted too.

With this exercise you use a lot of energy keeping the dumbell in place. So i developed a way of using my dips belt instead. Which seems to be going well but that has only been used for a week.

SO in short for beginners.

do incline it ups small rest like 20 seconds, so you build up the core strength and endurance then introduce weights

18 of 365 days- triceps and abs

Day 18 triceps and abs

Side dumbell raises 3x10 18kg
dumbell curls 3x10 24kg


15 dips

break-(went to a lecture)

decline bench 10 sit ups
Decline bench 10 sit ups 10kg weight behind neck
with 10 crunches with the weight held in the air

Super set

Skull crushes then close grip then sit ups holding the bar in the air. 25kg bar

4x 10/10/10

Dips 4x10 40kg 40kg 40kg 30kg

Leg raises using the dips belt 4x10 30kg

cable pull downs 4x10 35 kg

Dumbell extension above head

3x 10/10 12kg

side lateral dips 40kg

3x 10/10/10/10

close grip bench
1x10 60kg


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Body journey day 17 (17/01/12)

Day 17

Gym stories 16# January and the gym is packed

Gym advice 16# The Best Six Exercises and Workouts to do for beginners in the Gym

This is my suggestion on the core exercises that can improve your fitness.

Bench press
curls barbell and dumbell
lap pulldown/ pull ups
Decline Sit ups

Rest 1minute for fat loss or 2minutes to gain muscle
Week 1 4x10 Strength endurance ie lifting reasonably heavy-
Week 2 4x10
Week 3 4x10
rest  2minutes
Week 4 5x5- Strength ie lifting heavy
Week 5 5x5
Week 6 3x15 Endurance
Week 7 4x8
Week 8 3x15

Bench press

Depending on what your goals are if you want to loose weight 1 minute rest. If you want to gain muscle 2 minute rest between sets.


Mix between doing barbell and dumbells- lean on a wall so you do not swing with your back.

Pull ups/chin ups

Practising the different ways of holding the bar will work different muscle groups.
IF you can not do many pull ups use the lap pull down machine- mix between doing an easy enough weight that you can fully do the movement to your chin level and then do some where the weight is too heavy for you to pull all the way down. Strain gets the quickest improvements- so do not go easy.


Work your legs hard and you will shed pounds quicker. They are biggest muscle group and burn the most calories. However, don't go to low that your strain your knees. Its only the gym not your life.


This is an easy exercise to master and will work your body hard. So do 3 sets to failure.

Decline Sit ups

Start with 4x10- If this is easy introduce two bits of kit. Firstly, a plate ie. 5,10 or 20kg plate place this one your chest. Once it becomes easy on your chest place it directly behind your head. Once this is easy it is time to move up in weights. Secondly, you can use a bar 6kg, 10kg, 20kg hold it directly in front of you like you are doing a bench press and then sit up keep it going up vertically NOT DIAGONALLY 

17 of 365 days- shoulders and biceps

Day 17 shoulders and Biceps

30 minute session

incline bench 65% 3x10 40kg

Shrugs 3x10 40kg

cable bent over cross overs 4x10 7.5kg

Curl and press 8/8 x4 28kg

dumbell curls 4x10 16kg

Front lateral row into press 4x10 40kg bar



standing miltary press 4 x10 60kg

Front lateral row 4x10 60kg

Barbell curls 3x10 50kg

hammer strength machine shoulder press 10/10 x 4

cable single arm curls 3x10 15kg


home yay

body is in serious soreness

Monday, 16 January 2012

Body journey day 16 (16/01/12)

Day 16

Gym advice 15# How to not look at fool in the gym

just watch lol

OH also the importance of motivational counting

Gym stories 15# Fool at the gym and Dragan Challenge

Unloading the bar equally saves you from having to pay for broken equipment.

PLus the story of how doing the dragan challenge felt this time

16 of 365 days- Chest/back and Dragan Challenge

Today i worked on Chest/back did the dragan challenge and then skipped and did pulls ups.

Dragan challenge 12kg 100 reps time 1.51minutes

Skipping 8 minutes

Bench press 4x10 100kg
Bench press to failure on 60kg 27 reps

Cable standing flys 2x10 17.5kg
Cable cross overs 2x10 17.5k

Dips weight 20kg 4x10 -- if i failed a set i would take off the belt and double whatever is left of reps

Lap pull down 4x10 90kg
barbel row 4x10 90kg

Cable row lowest setting then up in two incriments
4x10 65kg, 75kg, 75kg, 75kg

standing row above chest height

4x10 50kg

skipping 5 minutes


15 press ups

left the gym

came back later

skippin 10 minutes

pull ups 20

dead lift 100kg 4x10

rows 100kg 4 x10


Challenge 2# Dragan Challenge 1.51 minutes


This is me doing the Dragan challenge after i did it last week a time of 2.20. This week i did 1.51m.

Good times, i may keep training so i can improve the poor technique you are seeing lol

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Body journey day 15 (15/01/12)

Day 15- sorry i missed two days out

Gym Stories 13# Losing things at the gym

Losing things at the gym story

Gym stories 14# Story about the first time i used Creatine

this is story about the first time i used creatine

Gym advice 14# On how to use Creatine

This is video on what i believe the best way to use creatine is...

15 Rest day plus Dragan challenge chat

Rest day but i speak about the challenge tomorrow

Gym advice 13# You can still get lazy training with someone

being lazy whilst training with someone

14 of 365 days- Pull ups and fails

This was the day i did as many pull ups as i could do. But after which all my energy was gone so i trained my friend instead.

Session went...

Maximum pulls ups.


3x8 chin ups with 5kg
3x5 dips
pulls up to failure

Leg raises using the dips belt 15kg on knees.

Squats 3x15 60kg

pull ups 3x10

skipping session for 10 minutes
sit ups and then press ups

First attempt at skipping before training

Again, this is my training partner, i am going to train him and teach him how to skip.

See you in a month from now

My training Partners first attempts at maximum chin ups

This is the guy i train with, at first he struggled with pulls ups now he is pretty good. Technique is not great, but i am going to work with him on his dips and pull ups to get them improved.

so stay tuned

Challenge 3# Pull up -34reps-14/01/12

This was my attempt at doing as many pull ups as i could do. However, i was feeling ridiculously tired on that day so i think i could do more.

Check out my other post on my friend who i am training up to do more

Friday, 13 January 2012

Gym stories 12# Embarrasing workout story1

The dreaded sweat suit tear

Gym Advice 12# What to do if you can not go to the gym

If you can not make it to the gym.

I suggest

2 sets of as many sit ups as you can do 30 minutes before you eat.

In the morning do as many pressups as you can do and continue you that number for each day. Each week go up by 1,2,5 on your weekly daily total.

For instance if you can do 10, then by next week you should be doing 12.

Stay tuned as i will upload a in house abs routine

13 of 365 days- Rest day plus Dragan goals

Today was a rest day. I am trying to get my body in peak condition to attack this Dragan Challenge. My pride wont allow my time of 2.20m to go unbeaten. Knowing that a LA worker did 1.57m is killing me inside so i need to up my game. Lol

If i don't get under two minutes i am going to train hard for it for the whole month...

so stay tuned

"When you run alone, you run fast. When you run together, you run far." -Zambian proverb

This quote is so true. When you train alone you will train faster,  there won't be any chit chat or distractions. However, when you train with someone you will push yourself harder and go further with your goals.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Body journey day 12 (12/01/12)

Day 12

Gym Stories 11# First time i skipped

First time i did skipping

Gym advice 11# Cardio for people who do not like running

Try skipping if you do not like running

12 of 365 days- Shoulders and legs with Skipping and pullups

Day 12- Shoulders and Legs

Today i was supposed to do shoulders and legs but i ended up showing off and hurting my knee so i did not do as much legs as i had planned to. Then this Dragan challenge thing has been bugging me, as a trainer at another gym recorded a time of 1.57m which violates my 2.20m- so i did some training for that. Which may or may not pay off for monday. I also did a skipping and pull up cardio session... I mean i was WET after it. so here it is...

Shoulders and legs

Standing military press 4x10 with overhead squats 3x5 then standard squats 4x10

60kg bar.

Upright rows 4x10 60kg

2x10 lunges 60kg

upright rows with dumbells 16kg 2x15

left gym went to a meeting

Went back 2 minutes of skipping, rest x4

pull ups

2minutes of skipping rest x3

Pull ups with dip belt 10kg 3x15

two attempts at holding the flag for as long as possible 10-6 seconds each time.
failed on my left side both times.

pull up and release x 10 (this is where you pulll up and let go of the bar)
pull ups x 10

walk to another gym

dragan challenge training

1 minute 16kg curl and press - 40
rest for a minute
40 reps same weight
12kg for 30 reps
12 kg standing shoulder press for 20

28kg curl and press for 16reps (8 each arm)

20 pull ups


Body journey day 11 (11/01/12)

Day 11

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Gym advice 10# How to improve your Dips and Pull ups!

How to improve your Dips and Pullups.

I think these exercises everyone who goes to the gym should try to master. They work a lot of muscle groups and generally a good work out.

Gym stories 10# Sauna chicken

random gym game we play

11 of 365 days- Triceps and Abs

Day 11- Triceps and Abs

I went twice after eating some Mexican chicken... which was yummy thank you very much lol.

First session

Started with yesterdays session

Seated shoulder press smith machine- 65kg 3x10

straight bar curls 3x15 35kg

decline bench 3x30
leg raises 2x20

skull crushes 4x15 25kg
cable pull downs 4x10 32.5kg

Cable axe swing 4x10 25kg
side lateral raises 2x (10right, 10left, 10right,10 left) 40kg

Standing behind the head dumbell raises single arms 3x10 14kg
cable pull downs 3x10- 35kg

second session

Was a bit jumbled but i made a new abs routine

Close grip bench press smith machine 70kg 4x10
hammer strength machine seated press close grip 80kg 4x10

weight dips 3x10 30kg,30kg,35kg

keep the belt on and then put the weight on your knees and do leg raises


then some chest for no reason lol

peck deck 2 x15

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Body journey day 10 (10/01/12)

Day 10- After Chinese lol

Gym advice 9# What's the right rest time?

Whats the best rest time between sets?

Always depends on what your goals are

1# Challenge- Dragan Challenge- 100 reps curl and press 2.20m

This is the dragan challenge

100 reps of curl and press with 12kg dumbell

it is HARD

Gym stories 9# The Dragan Challenge- It hurts

Story on the pain of doing the dragan challenge it hurts

10 of 365 days- Shoulder and Biceps plus dragan chall...

Today was Shoulders and Biceps plus a challenge

I was going to do two sessions today but i ended up doing a challenge in the first session which pretty much messed up the rest of the session. So advice, set aside a day for challenges not beginnings of sessions... However, you can use them as a cardio/aerobic warm up if you want to train in fatigue.(your choice)

So First session.

I did back and chest yesterday so began with one exercise of each

Flat bench 3x10- 100kg 100kg 100kg
cable seated row 3x10- 65g 65kg 65kg


Clean into shoulder press 3x10- 50kg 50kg 50kg
with 10 shrugs after each set

DRAGAN CHALLENGE -here is my performance

After which i was dead but i did

standing shoulder press 1x10 24kg

seated shoulder press 2x10 30kg

SECOND SESSION with my gym buddy

curl and press 4x10 each arm 22kg

4x10 straight bar curl (2 sets wide 2 sets narrow)
40kg bar

Upright right barbell row 4x10 40kg

seated military press 3x10 40kg

standing miltary press with step ups of the same weight

curls 3x10 28kg

3sets of pull ups close grips to failure


Decided to do something i saw on the grenade youtube page

Barbel decline sits ups sets of 10,15,15,10 with a 20kg bar, hold and press on the last set

then 20 normal decline sits up

then quick matt abs session

all and all my body hurts

so itreated myself to a chinese which i now regret lol

seated barbell shoulder press 4x10- 40kg

Monday, 9 January 2012

Gym Stories 8# how i learnt the bench press

How i learnt to bench

Gym advice 8# Best way to improve your bench press

best ways to improve your bench watch and learn

9 of 365 days Day 9- Chest and Back

Day 9 Chest and Back

Bench press 4x10= 100kg,100kg,100kg,100kg

Super set
Deadlift 4x10 =100kg
with 1.30m rest
Row 4x10 =100kg

Dumbell press incline 45% 4x10 = 40kg,40kg,40kg,40kg

Cable cross overs 4x10 20kg,20kg, 17.5kg, 17.5kg

cable row bottom level(seated) 4x10= 65kg, 65kg,65kg,65kg

Head height level seated cable row 4x10= 40kg, 40kg, 40kg 40kg

standing cable row head height 2x10 40kg 40kg

Peck deck 4x10= 100kg-100kg-100kg-100kg

3x35 straight leg raises

15 crunches

30 press ups

skipping x 3 for 2 minutes

Body journey day 9 (09/01/12)

Day 9

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Body journey day 8 (08/01/12)

Day 8
back to normal place

Gym stories 7# Being too competitive

Gym story just watch lol

Gym advice 7# The best workout for beginners in the gym

My advice for the best set for beginners. Very simple

3x10- Its strength endurance but not superintensive so you can build up to 4x10 or 5x5

Very simple and creates a good foundation from you to try different routines from.

Exercises i suggest are

Bench press
Shoulder Press
Barbell curl
Pull ups
Lap Pull down
Sit ups

Barbell squats
Machine Press


Rowing machine 4x500m with 2minute rest
Bike 3km sprint

Go for a run and do interval training for 30 minutes

8 of 365 days Day 8- Rest

Today was a rest day, i explain why these days are important

Gym Stories 6# Gym enemy part 2

Another gym enemy story

Gym advice 6# Most important piece of gym equipment

My most important piece of gyming equipment is my watch....

watch as i explain

7 of 365 days Day 7- Abs and Biceps

Day 7 Abs and Biceps

This was a mini session, where my heart was not in it and i was training alone.

I started off doing 4x10 curls 28kg


Abs straight leg raises 30reps, 10x3 reps with 28kg dumbell

machine crunches, 40kg 3x15 reps

15 pull ups

preacher bench curl 50kg 4x 5

40 kg 2x 10

side lateral raises abs, 50kg dumbell 4x 10 each side

Then for no reason i did

incline bench with 100kg 8 reps

weight row machine 100kg 2x10reps

Body journey day 7 (07/01/12)

I could do this yesterday on my usually laptop so this was done on my phone

different lighting and post gyming
not sure whats going on with my face

Friday, 6 January 2012

Gym stories 5# Gym enemies

Gym story about when you eventually develop a gym nemesis

Gym advice 5# What not to wear in the gym!


Gym wear?

What not to wear, what you should wear.

Watch and learn

6 of 365 days Day 5- Cardio

Today was cardio.

Check out my opinion on the best cardio to do and how to do.

I ran for 30minutes up hill and along a straight did a quick round of steps as well(like in rocky)

Watch the video basically

The BBC and Obvious Male Body image news

"Four out of five men confess to being unhappy about their body, suggests an online survey by the University of the West of England." BBC

Very few people are ever "happy" with their body. We are fed photoshopped images in magazines and in films, which taint our image of the perfect body. Yet, the biggest culprit of our dislike for our own bodies is through our own envy of other people we see walking around.

You know the story, your in the gym and you see a guy similar age to you, similar height maybe even similar looks but his body is weigh better than yours. It burns you!!! You secretly wish that guy would break a leg and be bed ridden eating cakes and ice cream. As you were but without the broken leg...

We all want the next best thing and upgrade. Think about your car or phone, they still ring, they still drive, but if you can get an upgrade would you say no? For most of us we are not clinical obese or having other health problems but if we could upgrade our bodies we would be like.."where do i sign?"

Thanks for wasting my TV licence of writing an obvious report BBC!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Body journey day 5 (05/01/12)

After shoulders and Legs

plus being generally tired already

Gym stories 4# being told off by big gym guys

Another gym story...

Gym advice 4# First thing to do in the gym

I think the best thing to do when you start any new gym regime is to findout where your strength and size is currently at.

so check your 1rep max and get a tape measure and check the size of your muscles

i am doing mine on Sunday... fun times

5 of 365 days- Shoulders and Legs

Day 5- Shoulders and Legs

Today I did shoulders and Legs as they are my weakest areas. I had already worked them on a previous day so today i lowed the weights and did a light session and ended up throwing in some abs work as well...

Standing Smith machine press 4x10= 30kg,30kg,30kg,30kg
Smith machine squats 4x10= 30kg,30kg,30kg,30kg

Barbel overhead squats 4x 10= 50kg,50kg,50kg,50kg

Fireman walk for 20metres x 4= 40kg,40kg,40kg,40kg
Side lateral raises 4x15=14kg,14kg,14kg,14kg

Shrugs 4x10 40kg 40kg 40kg 40kg

Machine leg extention 4x10 95kg, 95kg, 95kg 95kg

front lateral raise with one arm and back on the wall 2x10- 14kg, 14kg, 14kg, 14kg
front lateral raises in hammer curl position one arm 2x10 14kg 14kg 14kg 14kg

30 leg raises

standing cable side crunches 4x10 50kg

Bike home

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Body journey day 4 (04/01/12)

After abs and triceps...

Personally i think there is a slight improvements... but.. i could be going blind lol